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In order to push performance above the Prologos, Goldmund created the Prologos Plus Active Wireless, using the same frame and general construction, but slightly higher in size. To achieve an even more extended response in the low frequencies, a third way has been added to the Prologos 2-way topology, using a 7” Woofer of extreme linearity.

The Mid-range and tweeter remain the same drivers used in the Prologos and the same drivers used in the Goldmund Apologue Anniversary. In order to keep the high efficiency and high SPL capability of the Prologos, and additional Telos circuit is used and an exceptional 3-way crossover is implemented in the Digital domain with full Amplitude, Phase and Time correction.

Its enclosure remains quite compact (600x288x392mm), and fully built in metal. Mechanical Grounding Frames and stands are available to even increase the dynamic range and neutrality of the speakers in the low frequencies range.

The Goldmund ProLogos Plus is equipped with a Goldmund wireless receiver linking the speaker to the digital signal from a preamplifier connected to a Goldmund Wireless Transmitter, or directly from a computer with the Goldmund Dongle Emitter.

Its finish can be customized to your taste and the Goldmund traditional metal finish can be replaced by a lacquered precious wood finish or any chosen color. For customized versions, please contact your nearest distributor for a quote.


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