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The transparent acrylic plinth stands on three individually height-adjustable TPE-damped aluminium cones and carries the motor and the sub-chassis. The sub-chassis, made of Corian, rests on three magnetic fields. A magnetic subchassis suspension system avoids parasitic noise normally caused by con-ventional spring mechanism. A supplied spirit level allows easy adjustment of the sub-chassis. A quiet running AC motor unit drives the platter's outside edge via a belt. It does incorporate an advanced DC-driven motor control, that ensures perfect speed stability and electronic speed change.  


The resonance-optimised platter is a sandwich construction utilising a fine-balanced medium density fibre platter and a 4mm thick flat-ground layer of vinyl and a screw-down metal record clamp. It runs on an inverted bearing with stainless-steel axle carrying a ceramic ball/plate bearing. The headshell and armtube of high-end tonearm 9cc Evolution are fashioned from a single piece of carbon-fibre. A conical armtube avoids standing wave reflections. Inverted tonearm bearing comprises four hardened stainless tips in ABEC 7 spec ballraces. Supplied counterweights are suitable for cartridges weighing between 5 - 7,5g / 7 - 10g / 9 - 11g or 10 - 14g.  


A top-grade connection cable `Pro-Ject Connect it E´ iwith RCA connectors is supplied (123cm). A dust cover is included.  


• Acrylic Plinth  

• Sub-chassis made from Corian with magnetic suspension  

• Acoustically inert sandwich construction of platter with combination of MDF and vinyl layer as mat  

• Inverted main bearing with ceramic ball/plate  

• Belt drive with AC motor with DC driven AC generator  

• Electronic speed control with 33/45 rpm switching  

• Pre-mounted 9" tonearm 9 cc Evolution  

• Tonearm bearings with ABEC 7 ballraces 

• 5P Connect it Phono CC cable with RCA plugs  


Tehdasasennettu äänirasia: Ortofon MC Quintet Blue


• Dustcover included  


Technical Data:

Nominal Speeds: 33/45 RPM (electonic speed change)
Dust Cover: Yes
Magnet Supported Sub-Chassis: Yes
Record Clamp: Yes
RCA Phono Sockets: Yes
Aluminium Cones: Yes, Sorbothane-Damped
Tonearm: Pro-Ject 9CC Evolution
Carbon Fibre Headshell & Arm Tube: Yes
Effective Tonearm Length: 9 " (230mm)
Effective Tonearm Mass: 8 g
Overhang: 18 mm
Supplied Counterweights:
For Cartridges Weighing...
5-7g, 7-10g, 9-11g & 10-14g
Downforce Range: 10 - 35mN
Speed Variance: 33 rpm ± 0.1 %, 45 rpm ±0.06 %
Wow & Flutter: ± 0.1%
Signal to Noise: -73dB
Platter Weight / Diameter: 2 kg / 300mm
Power Supply Type:
Mains-Fed Outboard PSU
220 - 240V, 50Hz
Outboard Voltage: 15V DC / 800mA 
Power Consumption: 2W
Dimensions (W x H x D): 460 x 420 x 465mm
(Lid Open)
460 x 160 x 365mm
(Lid Closed)
Weight: 11 kg
ValmistajaPro-Ject Audio Systems, Itävalta
Takuuaika kk24




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