Levysoitin etuvahvistin korkeatasoisella USB-lähdöllä

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Phono preamplifier with HiRes digital USB output  

• Suitable for MM and MC cartridges 
• Analogue RCA, USB and optical out on back 
• 3 Inputs (2 Phono, 1 Line) 
• Precise RIAA equalisation 
• Dual mono circuitry for optimized channel separation 
• Selectable input impedance on front 
• Selectable input capacitance on front 
• Digital output sampling frequency adjustable 
• Low noise circuitry 
• Gold-plated RCA in & outputs 
• Sandwich alu/metal casing protects from vibrations and electromagnetic interference 
• Colour options: silver and black, with optional wooden sidepanels (walnut, rosenut, eucalyptus)  

Phono preamplifier for MM/MC cartridges with analogue, digital optic and USB output!  

A lot of people already have or plan to buy a very high quality turntable, driven by the fascination of the analogue sound. Many of them also want to record their vinyl in a simple, yet high-end way. The Phono Box DS2 USB is the perfect solution. It is a sophisticat-ed phono stage, based on a high-end passive/active ultra linear phono equalisation. MM and MC capability as well as extensive vari-able impedance and capacitance settings allow to match any cartridge, even of highest class for optimum performance. Two individu-al phono inputs allow you to use two different turntables or tonearm / cartridge combinations with different sound characteristics to perfectly match your preferred type of music.  

A very low noise and jitter free A/D converter transfers the analogue signal into high resolution digital format (PCM up to 192kHz or DSD 128). Via its USB output you can record your vinyl on any computer. There is also an analogue line input to digitalize other ana-logue audio sources. A standard line output to connect the unit to your hifi system isn’t missed. The Phono Box DS2 USB is manufac-tured in a beautiful chassis made out of aluminium and metal, which gives an elegant functional look and avoids the influence of me-chanical or electromagnetical interference.

Technical data
Pro-Ject Phono Box DS2 USB
Phono input impedance     10-47kohms
Phono capacitance     100/220/320pF
Gain phono     40/45/50/60/65 dB
Inputs     2xPhono, 1xLine In (RCA)
Outputs     1xLine Out (RCA), 1xUSB B, 1xOptical
Digital output samplingfrequencies     48/96/192 kHz, DSD 128 (USB only)
Noise floor     80dbA (40db gain)
THD     < 0,02%
RIAA equalisation curve accuracy     within 0,3dB/20Hz - 20kHz
Trigger in/out     12V, 2,5mm jack each
Power supply     18V/500mA DC; 220 - 240V, 50Hz
Power consumption     100 mA DC, < 1 watt standby
Dimensions W x H x D     206 x 70 x 200 mm
      240 x 72 x 200 mm
Weight     1500g (alu) without power supply
      1780g (wood) without power supply

Valmistaja     Pro-Ject Audio Systems, Itävalta
Takuuaika kk     24



Verkkokaupasta:  2 arkipäivää

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